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Dr. Abend offers Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, or OMT, to those who suffer from physical pain. Dr. Abend treats those who have failed conventional medical therapy such as medications or those who are looking for an additional or alternative treatment for their pain relief. OMT is a “hands-on” treatment in that it only involves the physician using his specially trained hands to work on certain areas of the body. The physician is able to heal the body without the use of medications, needles, or surgical interventions. Dr. Abend is unique in that other than being able to perform general OMT to the body, he is also certified and skilled in performing Cranial Osteopathy and has 25 years of experience in doing so.


Cranial Osteopathy, also known as Osteopathic Cranialsacral Manipulative Medicine (OCMM), is one of many osteopathic manipulation techniques. It is based on the theory that the bones of the skull, brain, and spinal cord are all connected and have subtle, rhythmic pulsations that contribute to overall health. All Osteopathic physicians (currently about 100,000 in the US today) are trained in OMT, but only a small percentage of them (about 10% or less) actually use it on their patients. An even smaller and highly trained select number of D.O.s practice Cranialsacral Osteopathy or OCMM. Dr. Abend is one of the few physicians in the entire United States that is specially trained and certified in OCMM and has been using it on patients for greater than 25 years. His unique expertise can offer patients rare relief who have been suffering with conditions such as headaches, neuralgias and post-concussive symptoms among others. OCMM and OMT is highly regarded within mainstream medicine and is encouraged as a safe and highly effective way to treat pain without the use of potentially addictive and side-effect ridden medications.

Although other various healthcare practitioners may offer different forms of hands-on manipulation treatments, their training isn’t as comprehensive as that of D.O.s, who as physicians can diagnose and treat the full spectrum of health conditions.

Consultations and Follow-Up Appointments

During your initial visit, or consultation, Dr. Abend will spend approximately one hour with you to take a complete medical history and physical exam, formulate a diagnosis if need be, and create and perform a personalized OMT guided therapy plan tailored for you. It is recommended that you bring in all lab work and/or imaging related to your reason for therapy.

Follow-up appointments may be required depending on Dr. Abend’s and your agreed upon treatment plan. These follow-up appointments typically last around a half hour.


Although Dr. Abend has worked as a family physician who performed OMT, he is no longer practicing medicine as such. He is only providing OMT and will not act as your primary care physician. However, because of Dr. Abend’s background in family practice, he has the ability to coordinate care with the physician(s) managing your health or can refer you to specialists if he believes it will help in your healing.




Dr. Abend’s practice is structured as a direct pay practice in order to optimize the quality of his care. This allows Dr. Abend the ability to spend the proper amount of time with each of his patients and perform OMT at his own discretion and not at that of the insurance companies’. Dr. Abend does not see Medicare patients here nor accepts any medical insurance. He will provide you with a receipt of services that you may submit to your insurance company for ‘out of network’ reimbursement.


Payment is due in full at the time of service.


Cash, certified checks and credit cards are the only forms that are accepted.


To reschedule or cancel an appointment, we ask that you please give Dr. Abend 24-hour advance notice.



To schedule an appointment with Dr. Abend online, please follow the links below or call 732-875-8090.

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